Online Poker Terms Explained

Online Poker Terms Explained

When playing online poker, you may be unfamiliar with the different terms and phrases that are used. These terms range from “Aces Up” to “Add-Ons” – those that give you extra chips during a tournament. You may also come across terms like “A-Game,” which refers to a player’s optimal mental state. Another term to keep in mind is “Aggression Factor,” which compares aggressive versus passive actions. Many players who play online are known by a screen name, as opposed to their real name.


In online poker, collusion is an illegal act that involves two or more players acting in concert with one another to cheat at the game. Such tactics include signalling, soft play, dumping, and whipsawing. While these techniques have always been practiced in poker, the online environment has introduced new ways of cheating.

To detect collusion in online poker, a computer program is used. This software is designed to detect the behavior of online gamers, and reports its findings to the appropriate authorities of the online gaming firm. The software program uses both behavioral and hidden information about the players to detect collusion. It may also use Bayesian Statistical methods or graphical models to represent the conditional dependence between players.

Down Card

In poker, the Down Card is the final card that is dealt to a player. The dealer may deliberately reveal the face of the card, or it may occur accidentally. In such a scenario, a player may declare an all-in before the betting action begins. This is the most advantageous position in poker.

Effective Stack Size

Effective stack size is an important concept in poker. It describes the maximum number of chips you can win or lose in a single hand. For example, if you have a stack of $100, you can win or lose $30 from your opponent. Conversely, if you have a stack of $300, you can’t win or lose more than $100 from your opponent.

To figure out your effective stack size, start by calculating the maximum amount you can lose in a single hand. Then, multiply that number by two. For example, if the blinds are 100 and 400, you’ll want to set your effective stack size at 2000. You’ll also need to know how much you can win if your opponent folds.


Blockers are a crucial aspect of poker strategy. Using them effectively requires practice. Once you have mastered the concept of blockers, you can use them in a variety of situations. However, you should not overuse them. It is important to consider information about your opponents before using blockers.

A blocker is a card that prevents you from making a call. It may not always make sense to call with a blocker, and you should always take the full range into consideration when making a play. This means that you should avoid making plays that don’t make sense, and you should also be careful when turning a hand into a bluff unless it has sufficient showdown value to call.

Community Cards

When playing poker, the Community Cards play a vital role in the game. These are the cards dealt to each player, and they help determine the best hand. In addition, the Burn Cards are used to conceal the next card, and prevent unfair information from being conveyed to other players. These cards are concealed by a small plastic disk placed in front of the dealer, and they rotate clockwise with each hand. The button is in a favorable position because it acts last in the betting round.

In online poker, players use their community cards to make the best five-card hand possible. This is similar to how betting options are handled in pre-flop rounds. A player can use all three community cards to create a winning hand, or he can pass the action to the next player.


Two-of-a-Kind is a poker term that refers to having two of the same card rank. When you have three of a kind in a hand, it is considered a set. However, trips do not yield as much profit as a set does. For this reason, you should never use the phrase “three of a kind” when talking about poker. Instead, you should use a specific phrase like “trips” in your discussions.

Blocker vs. Two-of-a-Kind

Blockers have been around for a while and have been emphasized more in Omaha games. However, they are now becoming more common in Texas Hold’em games as well. While they may not be as valuable in Hold’em as they are in Omaha, they can be effective in certain situations.

Blockers are important because they prevent your opponent from holding a card. They also help you bluff. For example, if your opponent is holding a busted flush, blocking him or her will decrease the chances of making a flush.

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